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Alexa Loves Giving Head First Thing In The Morning

Alexa Loves Giving Head First Thing In The Morning

As dawn breaks through the window, Alexa Andreas stirs in her slumber, her sensual eyes darting about as if searching for something. The gentle creak of the bedroom door opening catches her attention, and she lifts herself onto her elbows, revealing the enticing curve of her breasts beneath the sheets. A man silently enters the room, his presence undetected by anyone but her. He carries himself with an air of confidence, knowing full well what lies ahead.

Alexa Loves Giving Head First Thing In The Morning

As he approaches the bed, Alexa’s gaze locks onto him, her lips parting slightly in anticipation. Without saying a word, he climbs into bed beside her, their bodies aligning perfectly. His hands find their way underneath the covers, exploring every inch of her skin until they reach their destination – her warm, moist center.

Without hesitation, he guides his erect member towards her awaiting mouth, and she eagerly accepts it, engulfing him wholeheartedly. Her lips slide up and down his shaft, creating a mesmerizing rhythm that sends waves of pleasure coursing through his body. His hips begin to move in sync with her actions, thrusting deeper into her mouth with each passing moment.

Their passionate exchange continues unabated, fueled by the thrill of being caught in such an intimate act. Their breaths become ragged, their movements growing more urgent as they seek release from the intense desire building within them. Finally, after what feels like an eternity, he pulls out of her mouth, his thick cum shooting forth in powerful bursts. Some land on her cheeks, others on her chin, while still more spurt directly into her open mouth.

Unphased by the messy display, Alexa watches him with hungry eyes, her fingers trailing along her lips as she savors the taste of him. With one final glance at the clock, she rolls over and drifts back off to sleep, content in the knowledge that another day will bring new opportunities for adventure and excitement.

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