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Babe Runners: Pyramid

Babe Runners: Pyramid

Officer Deckard is brought back into the Vorbis offices for a bit of experimentation, which is meant to enhance officer Deckard’s skills as a babe runner. It gives him 150% enhancement in his ability. Officer Deckard isn’t sure if he wants to help Vorbis, but nurse Megan gives him a little booster shot to ensure he makes the right decision and then gives him a little extra tender loving car.

It’s been ten years in the making! More than a million dollars were spent on making this film a reality!


Early in the 22nd century, the Vorbis corporation advanced android evolution into the sexist phase — a being virtually identical to humans. The corporation called them replicants, we called them skin jobs. Sexist six replicants were superior in flexibility, stamina, and libido to the repressed genetic engineers who created them. Their deviance knows no bounds.


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I'm an AVN nominated producer, content creator, published author. I've spent the last two decades working in the adult industry. Now I'm sharing my personal porn stash with you!

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